The Profession of the people of Bangladesh

The people of Bangladesh have many professions. People from Bangladesh have different professions because of their education, social class, and what they want to do with the rest of their lives. Bangladeshi people work as managers, doctors, teachers, designers and even as engineers.

Some people from Bangladesh are very wealthy and some are not so wealthy. Rich Bangladeshi’s often have jobs as bankers or business owners while poorer ones find work as retail store assistant assistants or construction workers. Some of the professions that people from Bangladesh take up are:

1.Teacher: Teachers in Bangladesh are paid good money and get lots of respect. Teachers give lessons to children and help them learn things so they can get better at other things.

2.Doctor: Doctors in Bangladesh work long hours and go to school for many years before getting their job so they can try to help other people who get sick by making them feel better and not letting them suffer for too long.

3.Banker: Bankers in Bangladesh work hard and earn a lot of money because their jobs are very important to keep the economy working smoothly and making sure that the right people get the right amount of money when it is needed most.

4.Engineer: Engineers in Bangladesh are very important because they make sure that all the buildings are safe to live in by designing them.

5.Computer Programmer:Computer Programmers are people who help computers to do their jobs, like playing games, searching the Internet, or doing calculations. They are also important because their work helps lots of people with their jobs.

6.Business Owner: The business owner is someone who runs a store or an office and makes sure customers get what they need when they come to this business’s doors.

7.Software Engineer: Software engineers make sure that all the programs they create are good enough for people to use so that their computers can do useful things.

8.Teacher’s Assistant: The TAs are very important because they help the teacher by doing many things, like helping them clean up, making sure students have notes on hand, and helping them organize papers on the desk so the students can easily find what they need.

9.Bookkeeper: Bookkeepers are important because they keep records of money so it is not lost or stolen. They also keep records of how many people come to their businesses so they know who to pay what amount of money to each person who comes into their business at that time.

10.Accountant: Accountants work hard and go to school so they can keep track of all the money that is coming in and going out of their own business or any other business they work for. They also keep count of how much money each customer owes them so the TAs and bookkeepers can give them money when they need it.

11.Sales Assistant: Sales Assistants help customers buy what they want by telling them things like, this item is on sale because it was on sale before, or I am running low on this product because it is sold out right now.

12.Designer: Designers design items and try to come up with new and interesting ways of designing things so they look nice and work well for the people that need them.

13.Nurse: Nurses work in hospitals and look after sick people so they get better when they get sick again. Nurses keep records of how many people they see each day so doctors can see who needs to be treated by them at any time.

14.Community Social Worker: CSW’s spend their time talking with people who need help in communities and finding good ways to spend money on said community in order to make it work better for everyone that lives there.

15.Warehouse Worker: Warehouse workers work at warehouses and warehouses where businesses buy their items from for use in their stores so they can be sure everything they buy from them is still in good condition when it is placed out on the shelves for customers to see.

16.Driving Instructor: Driving Instructors teach driving courses which are very important because they train people to drive by giving them lessons that are good enough for them to be able to drive safely family vehicles safely.

17.Lab Assistant: Lab Assistants work in labs and test different things to make sure they are safe, or to make sure they are not dangerous like drugs or other things that people use all the time.

18.Technical Support: Technical Support is someone who talks on the phone with people who need help on their computer problems so they can fix them easily without needing to come over and help them out of their homes.

19.Accountant’s Clerk: The Accountant’s clerk works with accountants to do all the paperwork they need to do for their clients so they can keep track of everything that needs to be done for them at any time.

20.Office Manager: Office Managers keep all the records of the company so everything is completely organized so they all know what is going on at any time.

21.Customer Service Representative: CSRs help customers with whatever they need to buy or do with said items so they can get them quickly and safely if needed. They also answer the phone and take care of phones when phones are ringing to gain orders for all companies that sell things on their site.

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