Culture is the accumulated habits, attitudes, worldviews, and mentalities of a people or society. Culture is what makes one group different from another. The term ‘culture’ is often used to refer to certain activities that are characteristic of a particular group or society. For example, music may be considered as part of culture because it provides individuals with an outlet for relaxation and self-expression. This paper examines whether the British culture is becoming increasingly Americanised.

America has long been viewed as the ‘land of opportunity’, a place where anything is possible for those who make an effort. This view of America has made it seem like a perfect society to some people; on first glance it certainly seems like everything is perfect there. But this perception is not completely true; America does suffer from its fair share of crime, poverty, and drug abuse. But this view of America as a perfect society is due to two reasons. First, American television stations only show the good sides of American life, and do not include the bad sides in their stories. Second, there are many areas in America that suffer from crime and poverty, but these areas are rarely shown on television because the stations believe that showing them would be a reflection on their ability to run a business properly. So, in order for American society to be seen in all its glory, the bad sides are often hidden from view.

When the British try to compare themselves with American culture, they are often disappointed by what they find. The British are often viewed as being boring because it is said that they are not very energetic or spontaneous. This is not completely true though; there are many parts of British culture that do not fit well into American society. For example, English people have a tendency towards classiness and politeness. This is not considered very ‘cool’ in America; often, Americans would rather be seen as being friendly and fun-loving. This difference in culture may be due to the different languages that are spoken in America and Britain. English is more formal than American English, so British people tend to be more formal than their American cousins.

The differences between British and American cultures can be viewed from many different angles; age, gender, ethnic group, occupation, etc. This paper looks at how British culture differs from American culture as seen through the occupation of the working population. The focus will be placed on two groups of workers: men and women. British and American cultures differ dramatically in terms of gender roles, so any comparison between the two reflects this difference; men and women are not treated the same in either society. This paper will examine differences between these two groups – basic differences such as education, number employed, and their opinions on issues like sexuality and positions of power – to compare and contrast them with each other.

A person’s education is one of the most important factors in determining their success in life. Generally, people who have more education will be successful than those without. But this statement does not apply to all societies; Britain and America are both examples where one can succeed without an advanced degree. In Britain, a significant percentage of the population has no formal schooling, but this percentage is much higher in America. In 1998, 20% of Brits aged 16-74 had no qualifications whatsoever. But American people are less likely to have no qualifications than Britons. In America, only about 10% of the population has no qualifications. This is much lower than in Britain where the figure was 15%.

There are many occupations in Britain that require a higher level of education than in America. This is not true for all occupations though; there are many jobs in Britain that do not require any level of formal education whatsoever. But both countries differ greatly in terms of who decides what job people go into. In America, there are jobs that are determined by what level of education is needed to perform them. If an individual has no formal education, they will not be able to get employment at these jobs. But in Britain, people can go into any job they want as long as they are qualified for it. Educated workers will always have a better chance of getting good work than uneducated workers who still think that they can do things that they can’t. The fact that Britain allows anyone to go into any job is responsible for the high percentage of unqualified people in Britain; because there is no education requirement for most jobs, people feel free to enter occupations without getting the proper schooling.

Both Britain and America have a higher percentage of people employed than any other country. In Britain, for every unemployed person there are two that are employed, and in America it is three to one. This shows that the two countries have a high level of employment compared to most other countries. But this does not mean that they have the same kinds of jobs available; the kinds of jobs available greatly differ between these two countries. In Britain, there are many more skilled trades available than in America.

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